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Si Di Staar Deh! for Solo Organ (2022)
Commissioned by David Bruce for the 5 Composers 1 Theme series


Si di Staar Deh (translates: Look! There's the Star!) was composed for the David Bruce 5 Composers, 1 Idea Challenge. I was commissioned to write a one minute work for the organ of Gloucester Cathedral using any theme on the night sky or stars.


This piece focused on mutation and mixture stops (usually used in a supporting role)as primary stops creating these indistinct nuances that become more distinct as the piece progresses by adding more fundamental stops.

Using the theme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in fragments, I depict the stars glistening and shimmering and eventually it shifts where an onlooker sees a particular star and starts to levitate toward it. As they get closer and break the barrier between earth and space and see the vastness of the domain, that once little start they were so focused on, they will realize it is just this big ball of light.

Si di Staar Deh received its World Premiere Performance by James Mitchell (Associate Organist of Gloucester Cathedral) February 28, 2022 on David Bruce's 5 Composers 1 Idea Challenge(Organ Edition) episode. Watch here.


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