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As a pianist and composer, I seek to create a conduit that allows classical concert music to be more inviting to a public who believes this music is not meant for them. 

If classical music is to be equitable, I must be intentional in my role. Therefore, as a pianist, I take great delight in performing works that are lesser-known or not known at all; this includes but not limited to women composers, composers of Africa and the Diaspora, Indigenous and several composers that represent the LGBTQIA+ communities. Many works from these groups possess high artistic value and speak directly to my artistry and musicality. Consequently, I am committed to promoting and advocating the performance of these works through my performances. Through my contribution, I hope these works will assist in dismantling the construct of the canon and instill a tradition of discovery through programming.

As a composer, my work merges the realms of tonality and atonality with the implementation of extended techniques to enhance my artistic narrative. Into this mixture, I infuse my Jamaican cultural heritage. I strongly believe in drawing inspiration from my native land; the narratives, language, rhythms of dance, drumming and folk song. My compositions give the public (especially of my country and representatives throughout the diaspora), familiar elements and narratives in the music that build rapport, which will in turn foster a greater appreciation to classical concert music.  Furthermore, my compositions are a minute contribution in cataloguing, preserving, and perpetuating a cultural heritage.

Through these objectives, the public will be authentically and consistently represented, which is an indication that this music is not only for them but are also created by people who look like them. Thereby bridging the gap and fostering holistic classical concert music appreciation and equity.

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