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01 - Full score - From the Playground -
Fram di Pliegrong for Solo Piano (2022)
Commissioned by Kim Davenport



Translated: From the Playground, this piece paints four evocative scenes of childhood memories on the playground of Jamaican soil. These scenes allude to actual games played, places traversed and even games and sayings that were made up and no one else but those who have played it know what it is:


I: Wan an Twenti - A game of counting: One and twenty, two and twenty, three and four and five and six and twenty, twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine....HUNDRED!


II: Bul iina pen - Bul iina pen, cyaa cum out! (The bull in the pen, can't come out!) A ring game in which the person in the middle is to act like the bull and try to break their way out the pen (a cricle of other children holding hands tightly ready to bounce the bull back in the middle).


III: Onda di fruut trii - The options are endless while lying under the fruit tree of choice... it's quite the vibe. Let the imagination run wild.


IV: Unamina Desimina - The game was made up, the words were made up, but to us it made sense, so play along!

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