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Score cover for the choral work Anthem of Independence by Mikhail Johnson
Anthem of Independence for Mixed choir SATB with divisi. and piano/ orchestra (2008)

​Anthem of Independence was commissioned in the summer of 2008 by Andrew Marshall who was then director of choral activities at Northern Caribbean University, Manchester, Jamaica.
It received its world premiere at the “Land of my birth” concert on October 5, 2008, by the Northern Caribbean University Chamber Chorus under Dr. Andrew Marshall's directorship, at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Chapel, Mona, Kingston, Jamaica.

An exuberant anthem thanking God for another year of independence, paying homage to our heroes who aided in the fight for the abolishing of slavery, and an introspection for guidance and direction moving forward.

Written to commemorate the Independence of the composer's homeland Jamaica. A work that reflects on the hard work of their forefathers to end slavery and to give thanks to God for such an opportunity to enjoy the freedom we now behold. 

[Version with orchestral accompaniment also available.]


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