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Anansi an Faia for Baritone and Piano (2022)
Commissioned by the Cincinnati Song Initiative and the National Association for Teachers of Singing (NATS) with special support from Lori Laitman

The story of Anansi has been one that has passed on for generations to many an Afro-Caribbean household. Originally from the Akan people of West Africa, these stories albeit often funny, each teach a lesson about the consequence of making bad choices and the value of cleverness over strength.

Anansi is usually known as the trickster who uses clever tactics to get what he wants. However, in this story Anansi is about to meet his match.

Commissioned by the Cincinnati Song Initiative for the NATS 2022 Composer Mentorship Program.

Performers: Jeremiah Sanders (baritone) & Mario Antonio Mara (pianist)


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